mothers wisdom deck tree of lifeMothering with Soul is about connecting—to our inner wisdom, to our beloveds, and to other women on the path of motherhood. We’ve embraced the potential of an online community to bring together mamas from hither and yon. Here are a few ways to link up with our growing matrix:

Lend Your Voice to the chorus of mothers. Each Wednesday, we open our blog comments to create a virtual village where you can share your story, your wisdom, your humor, your frustration. Enter this dedicated space for mama-to-mama connections that empathize, encourage, and empower the path and practice of motherhood.

Bare Your Soul by writing a short (up to 500 words) guest blog piece about your personal dance with the depths of motherhood and submitting it to us via our contact form.  Each month we will choose one of the submissions to post on our blog. If we select yours, you will receive a copy of The Mother’s Wisdom Deck in gratitude for your sharing and in support of your mothering journey.

Pay it Forward through gifting The Mother’s Wisdom Deck to another mother in your community or beyond. Imagine every mama claiming her place in this sacred circle of mothers as she nurtures herself and the next generation. We dream of the deck finding its way around the globe and into the hands of any mother stumbling along this short but steep path to enlightenment. Purchase a copy locally, or click here to buy the deck and send its good juju out into the world.

Land in the Web of inspiring mothers by checking out these links to individuals and organizations we admire: