Meet our merry band of mamas along with the children who bless our days and inspire our work. You can get in touch with us through the contact form.

Niki Dewart, mother of Afton, Haven, and Story, is an author and rites-of-passage guide devoted to walking the sacred path of motherhood. Over the past twenty years, she has studied countless spiritual traditions and traveled worldwide to sit with wisdom keepers. In 2005, Niki began a lifetime’s work with her true gurus—her children. She now writes books and leads rituals, workshops, and retreats that nurture the soul of mothering at Niki is co-author of Sacred Motherhood: An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindfully Mothering Children of All Ages (North Atlantic 2016) and a leader in the Sacred Living Movement. She also is a founder of Applesong, a pioneering microschool that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of children in her community.

Elizabeth Marglin, mother of Jordan and Oriah, is a professional writer who has been on a spiritual path since 1990. After graduating from college, she lived in India studying meditation, yoga, and spirituality for eight years, primarily with the teacher H. W. L. Poonjaji. Ambivalent about motherhood until the ripe age of thirty-five, it turns out that being a mother has become her most heart-opening practice. For the last decade, Elizabeth has been writing about health and mindfulness for a variety of national magazines and recently joined Yoga Journal as an associate editor. Elizabeth offers writing workshops devoted to unleashing our unedited wisdom. She lives in Colorado.

Jenny Kostecki-Shaw, mother of Tulsi and Narayan, home schools by day and paints by night. She is a national award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books including Luna and Me: The True Story of a Girl Who Lived in a Tree to Save a Forest, Same, Same but Different, and My Travelin’ Eye and illustrator of Chai Pilgrimage, A Tea Adventure Through Northern India. She lives with her family at their mountain homestead near Taos, New Mexico. Her website is