Get the key!

Back somewhere about 1980’ish me (Sgt. Woconish RADAR Shop) and a new guy to the shop L/Cpl. Moran are walking out to the back line to work on a jet. I SNAP my fingers and spin around “Moran, run back to Maintenance Control and tell the GUNNY Sgt. Woconish wants the starting key to AC105.”

So he runs off and a few minutes later comes back

Not looking happy. Sarge, the GUNNY says for you to come get the key . Well now !!!! “You get back in there and TELL THE GUNNY I SAID GIVE ME THE KEY !!!!!!!” (The Gunny knows the GAME we are playing with Moran)
”We run him back and forth a few times"
I liked Moran, he’s a good Marine !!! SEMPER FI 


From World War II to Operation Desert Storm. The "Fighting Shamrocks" from VMSB to VMFA have served and sacrificed gallantly every time it has been called upon. From the cold inside the Artic Circle at Bodo Norway to the heat and dirt of Balıkesir Turkey. Shamrocks have left their mark.


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