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Oppose Tri-Care For Life new Enrollment Fees and Co-pays

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently testified before the Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee (SASC-P) on reducing the Department of Defense compensation costs. In its written testimony CBO urged Congress to enact a new TRICARE for Life (TFL) annual enrollment fee of $575 for individual coverage or $1,150 for family coverage. TFL beneficiaries would also be required to pay the first $850 and 50 percent of the next $7,650 in cost annually. Currently, TFL beneficiaries do not pay an annual enrollment fee. Further CBO recommends increasing retirees TRICARE Prime annual enrollment fee from the current $352 for the individual and $704 for family to $650 and $1300 respectively. TRICARE Select beneficiaries would pay an annual enrollment fee of $485 for individual coverage and $970 for a family.

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