This unique inspiration deck offers humorous counsel, big-hearted vision, and day-to-day wisdom. Inside you’ll find a full-colored book accompanied by fifty-two illustrated cards that speak through archetypal symbols to the direct experience of motherhood. Each card calls out a sacred aspect—from strength to surrender—along with its subtle shadow. Use this deck for focus, inspiration, and solace: Pick a card and see how it sheds light on what’s most alive in your heart. You’ll be surprised by the deck’s uncanny relevance and prophetic oomph. These are cards that can teach you to love—and live—your own questions when aligned with the deep knowing of the soul. LEARN MORE

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“The Mother’s Wisdom Deck succeeds in being both a trail guide and travel companion on the transformational path of mothering.”
—Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood educator and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

“The Mother’s Wisdom Deck is deeply thoughtful and evocatively beautiful.
Its imagery and purpose embodies a deep respect for mothers and an acknowledgement of their heroic journey.”

— Peggy O’Mara,

“The Mother’s Wisdom Deck is food for the soul. It’s a beautiful guide for navigating the waters of motherhood—and a good friend. I use it daily and am always inspired by the subtle nuances that live in each card draw, every single time.”
—Anni Daulter, founder of the Sacred Living Movement, author of Sacred Pregnancy, and co-author of Sacred Motherhood

“The Mother’s Wisdom Deck is extraordinary! I love it!”
—Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause



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